How about studying in the US during junior high school?


Studying abroad is getting younger and younger, and the United States has become the first choice because of its educational advantage. However, the application is not simple and requires a lot of materials. The recommendation letter (also known as 推荐信) is one of the necessary ones. Most people will let the study agent help, and there are many study agents. You can refer to the study agent evaluation (also known as 留学中介测评) to make better choices. There are many things to study in the United States that need to be kept in mind, otherwise it is easy to get yourself into trouble. The most important of these is the issue of legal status. In recent years, l1 visas (also known as l1签证) and h1b visas have been favored by more and more people. However, due to the tightening of policies, applications are getting more and more difficult. You can choose professionally-friendly goh1b to help you. The application rate will be higher.

It is impossible for junior high school students to enter public schools unless they are children of local taxpayers. (Except for one-year exchange students) Therefore, it is best to prepare for junior high school, prepare for good grades in the 5th grade according to the requirements of the school, and enter the junior high school in the 6th grade. If you start studying in the 8th grade, the rest of the junior high school is basically just an adaptation period, because many English-based activities are difficult to squeeze in because of the English language restrictions.

The advantage of studying in junior high school is that students can lay a good foundation in their studies and English. They can stand on the starting line with other American children in high school. Although they have lost some opportunities for activities, they also have some obstacles. The biggest problems in studying in junior high school: 1) The problem of children’s pick-up, junior high school basically has no school bus, child pick-up and event pick-up, are issues that parents should consider. Parents can choose to board a junior high school or a host family to help them solve this problem. 2) Nutritional issues. At this stage, the child’s body changes quickly, and the protection of nutrition is extremely important. 3) Safety is also particularly important, and children at this stage will have higher chances of accidents and astray. 4) Children at this stage are very difficult to manage at the age of rebellion.

In general, if you start studying in the US from junior high school, the Chinese factors reflected in the children will be around 20%-30%, and the corresponding US factors will be around 70%–80%. Therefore, considering the decision to study in junior high school, as in the case of studying in the elementary school, it is very important to consider the future environmental factors of the child.

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